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Thought leading publications written and recommended by our conference speakers and session organizers:

Pre-Conference Institutes

Practitioner’s Track

Plenary: Shifting Institutions


Basic Member’s Track 

Influencing And Changing Corporate Behavior – Enhancing The Impact Of Your Public Equities Investment


Small Sessions

Break Down Silos And Maximize Impact: Investing Across Financial Resources And Via Intermediaries

Mission Aligned Investing - Actual Implementation

Place-Based Initiatives

To Own What You Own – Know What You Own


Reading for Thursday, March 10

Special Breakfast Meeting: Sustainable Fisheries, Sponsored By CEI

Member's Keynote With Mitchell Kapor, Partner, Kapor Center For Social Impact

Plenary: The Influence Of Money In Democracy

Eliminating Extreme Poverty: The Business Case For Meeting The UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Getting Impact Capital To The Grass Roots

Investing In A Clean Energy Economy For All

Local Food System Investing In The U.S.

Looking Beyond Next Quarter, Changing Our Thinking About Timelines And Return 

Regenerative Finance: Radical Investing On The Frontlines Of Climate And Economic Crises

Evening Plenary: Scaling Impact: Gaining Velocity Or Losing Ground?


Reading for March 11

Plenary: Investors Reflections With The Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Investing In Gender Equality

Managing For Impact: Metrics 2.0 To Strengthen Our Practice

Our Democracy In Peril: Social Impact Opportunities In Prison Reform


Confluence Publications


Climate Solutions Summit Reading