In lieu of donations to the conference scholarship fund, this year we’d like to encourage conference attendees to support the victims of the recent catastrophic floods in Louisiana. As you may already know, more than 40,000 homes have been flooded, with 30,000 individuals rescued – many by local volunteers. After a record 3 foot rainfall in a handful of days, one-third of the State’s residents now qualify for emergency aid. Unlike Katrina which became international news in partial result to the mis-management at the Superdome emergency shelter, this flood impacted many rural and impoverished communities, and has received far less media attention.

Please do what you can to support Louisiana’s flood victims. There will be an option to donate as part of your registration form, or here are a few ways that you can send contributions directly:

Send money

Mail Donations to Louisiana

Facebook Relief Coordinating Page

Animal Rescue (scroll down page to various sites)