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The Decisive Decade 

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico hard last year and showed the world how some of the worst effects of our changing climate can impact vulnerable communities. Devastated but not destroyed, Puerto Rico and its vision of rebirth remain beautiful and inspirational. After the storm passed, the island’s recovery proved to be both a physical and emotional challenge that benefited from the warmth of its people, their strong and vibrant culture, and their unyielding resilience. While work still remains, the hurricane gave way to seeding a local foods movement seasoned with cultural pride and fostered a commitment to local renewable energy and sustainability practices.

For all these reasons, we couldn’t think of a more potent venue to host Confluence Philanthropy’s 10-Year Anniversary Practitioners Gathering, the theme of which is “THE DECISIVE DECADE.” As we look toward a climate-impacted future and the social, political, and financial challenges we face over this next decade, we must move beyond dialogue to tangible action. The 2020 Gathering will be pivotal.

For this special Gathering, we will host day-long field trips and a track of outdoor sessions to indulge deeper strategic engagement. The Gathering will be organized in a retreat-style format to foster more connection and real outcomes. The event will be open only to Practitioner Members and invited guests. A portion of the agenda will be coordinated with the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA), who fortuitously will host a separate event that same week.

“Vision 20/20: Reflect and Protect”

The Practitioners Institute, entitled “Vision 20/20: Reflect and Protect,” will launch our discussions in Puerto Rico by reflecting on our past decade together as impact investors and envisioning the era before us.

Bring the Change 

Confluence Philanthropy's Practitioners Gathering brings our member delegates together with foundation leaders, high-net individuals, and their investment advisors who are working at the cutting edge of investing. This is an invaluable chance to meet face-to-face with innovators who are shaking up the financial industry – while building meaningful, lasting relationships with each other. Please join us! The Practitioners Gathering has a strong reputation for deep strategic thinking, critical discussion, connection, sharing and, most importantly, fun!


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