7:30 – 9:00 AM  |  Breakfast & Registration 

7:30 – 8:30 AM  |  Climate Solutions Collaborative Leadership Breakfast

C2C Steering Committee Members and invited guests are encouraged to join us for a working group report and strategic discussion for the year ahead.

  • Mark Allegrini, Climate Solutions Collaborative Program Manager, Confluence Philanthropy
  • Dana Lanza, CEO, Confluence Philanthropy

7:45 – 8:15 AM  |   Morning Meditation with Konda Mason

9:00 – 9:15 AM  |  Morning Introduction

  • Bruce Kahn, Trustee, Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation, Confluence Philanthropy Board Member

9:15 – 9:45 AM  |  Keynote

  • Lisa Mensah, President & CEO, Opportunity Finance Network

9:45 – 11:15 AM  |  Plenary

Visionary Voices: The Future of Mission Investing

This plenary will articulate a vision for the future of mission related investing, grounded by a group of pioneers in the field. Compelling discussion among leading investors and groundbreaking managers will touch upon scaling the industry; innovating in impact; the perennial debate between concessionary and market rate of returns; and envisioning the future we want. Case studies and examples will be used to exemplify advancements from the field.


  • Sharon Alpert, President and CEO, Nathan Cummings Foundation (moderator)
  • Kesha Cash, Founder and General Partner, Impact America Fund
  • Jason Scott, Co-Managing Partner, Encourage Capital and Climate Solutions Collaborative Steering Committee
  • Joel Solomon, Chairman and Co-Founder, Renewal Funds
  • Roy Swan, Director, Mission Investments, Ford Foundation

11:15 - 11:30 |  Break

11:30 AM – 12:45 PM  |  Concurrent Sessions (Choose one)


Investing for Racial Justice

Organized with Zevin Asset Management

Racial injustice is a stark reality for too many Americans and financial access is one of the main drivers of this injustice. Often overlooked and un-discussed, portfolio investments by company and fund affect equity-based outcomes. Join us to learn how your investment decisions affect communities of color, and explore practical examples from foundations and impact investors who are investing with an explicitly racial equity lens.


  • Sonia Kowal, President, Zevin Asset Management (moderator)
  • Andrea Dobson, Chief Operating & Financial Officer, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
  • Erin Harkless, Senior Investment Director, Cambridge Associates
  • James Rucker, Founder, The Color of Change
  • Thomas Yee, Initiative Officer-LA Thrives, Low-Income Investment Fund (LIIF)



Organized with Energy Foundation and Surdna Foundation

Renewable energy as an asset class has seen a significant influx of capital from banks in senior debt positions and from a variety of investors in equity-based solar and wind projects.  This results in a challenging environment for investors who are seeking yield.  This session will explore mezzanine debt and other forms of innovative financing for renewable energy projects that provide investors with an attractive risk/reward proposition. We will also explore other bankable low carbon technologies while still providing compelling returns.  Metrics and approaches to monitor and evaluate investments will also be discussed. 


  • Megan Crocker, Consultant, Energy Foundation(moderator)
  • Adam Browning, Executive Director, Vote Solar Initiative
  • Dipender Saluja, Partner & Managing Director, Capricorn Investment Group
  • Shuaib Siddiqui, Director, Impact Investing, Surdna Foundation


Impact-First Capital: Achieving Deep Impact and Moving Beyond Market-Rate Expectations

Organized with RSF Social Finance and Global Partnerships

While the broader impact investing market continues to grow, most capital deployed under the banner of "impact" still has little ability or willingness to sacrifice financial returns or to take greater risks in exchange for exceptional social performance. This makes it all the more important for truly impact-led investors to take the lead in sectors where return vs. impact trade-offs are the reality. Calling into question the conventional wisdom that demonstrating “market rate” performance is the path to scaling capital in the sector, this panel will explore how an integrated capital approach – the coordinated use of grants, loans, and other forms of strategic investment – creates deep, transformative impact. Using an array of financial tools and case studies, we will discuss how foundations and philanthropic initiatives can deepen their impact with an integrated capital approach.


  • Alex Haber, Philanthropic Advisor, RSF Social Finance (moderator)
  • Rick Beckett, Chief Executive Officer, Global Partnerships
  • Deborah Frieze, Co-Founder and Board Chair, Boston Impact Initiative
  • Greg Neichin, Director, Ceniarth LLC


Community Asset Building and MRI Performance

Organized with Swift Foundation

We begin this session with the premise that Mission-related investments are mostly characterized by top-down agency, ownership and control by the capital providers, subjugating the expertise and wisdom of communities. This panel will propose strategic approaches to mission-aligned, community-driven transformation by challenging the divine right of capital and the premise that foundations must try to maximize financial returns. We will suggest that foundations have a duty to mission when they invest, and we will explore how this approach can be economically sound through collaborative decision making and by sharing returns in ways that are proportionate to contribution. The core proposition is to redirect mission-related assets from conventional investment vehicles to mission-aligned asset-building and reinvestment in historically disenfranchised communities such as indigenous and communities of color.


  • Leslie Christian, Integrated Capital Specialist, NorthStar Asset Management (Moderator)
  • Rahwa Ghirmatzion, Director of Programs, PUSH Buffalo
  • Regan Pritzker, Board Member, The Libra Foundation


Disruption in Corporate Accountability: Relational Strategies for Investor Impact

Organized with Boston Common Asset Management

For decades Responsible Investors use shareholder leverage to influence corporate and industry practices in the U.S. and globally, often in collaboration with NGOs and activists. Yet in this new era these strategies are threatened by proposals to reform access to the proxy and by a cascade of government reforms.  What tools are investors using to maintain access and hold corporations accountable for their impacts? What success have foundations and other investors had with these strategies? Hear from experts in the corporate, foundation and activist worlds about what works to drive constructive change in corporations and industries.


  • Lisa Hayles, Vice President, Institutional Investment Services, Boston Common Asset Management (moderator)
  • Ivan Frishberg, Vice President, Sustainability Banking, Amalgamated Bank
  • Jon Jensen, Executive Director, Park Foundation
  • Brianna Murphy, Vice President, Shareholder Advocacy, Trillium Asset Management


Technology and Educational Equity

Organized with Tiedemann Wealth Management and Avivar Capital

Impact investors are increasingly examining the role of technology in the classroom. In this session, we will discuss what the classroom of tomorrow might look like and how technology crafts that vision. In particular, we will delve into the potential for technology to play a key role  within the educational system by contrasting possible positive, or negative, outcomes. Finally, we will explore what the limits to technology. What other interventions are needed that technology cannot provide?


  • Stephanie Cohn-Rupp, Managing Director, Tiedemann Wealth Management (Moderator)
  • Tina Castro, CFA, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Avivar Capital
  • Rick Moss, Managing Director, Better Ventures
  • Gerald Pambo-Awich, Director-Strategic Initiatives and Impact Investments, Prudential Financial

12:45 - 2:00 PM  |  Lunch

Special Luncheon: Impact Investing in Sustainable Land Use

A Luncheon Organized by The MacArthur Foundation

Climate change is one of the greatest and most time-urgent threats facing humanity in the 21st century, and natural climate solutions are one of humanity’s key tools for limiting and stabilizing global warming. Conventional mitigation will not be enough, and negative emissions – where carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere as it is with forests – are absolutely necessary. Responsible management of forests and agricultural land, currently the second largest contributor to GHG emissions, is essential for delivering on global climate goals. This luncheon will share how impact investors can play a role in addressing this urgent need, including how open-ended holding company structures are uniquely suited to tackling the challenge of sustainable land use, the nature and scope of the opportunity, and how philanthropic leaders are connecting impact investing and programmatic priorities to focus on this need at scale.  


  • Shilpa Patel, Director of Mission Investing, ClimateWorks Foundation (moderator)
  • Dr. Serena Guarnaschelli, Partner, KOIS Invest
  • Belinda Morris, Program Officer in Conservation and Science, David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • Susan Phinney Silver, Director of Mission Investing, David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Special Luncheon: Racial Equity Investing

To mark the launch of our Racial Equity Initiative, Confluence Board and Staff will lead a critical conversation with philanthropic leaders about diversity, equity and inclusion in the impact investing industry.


  • Shawn Ginwright, Trustee, The California Endowment, and Confluence Board Member (moderator)
  • Fatima Angeles, Vice President of Programs, The California Wellness Foundation
  • Erika Seth Davies, Acting Chief of Staff, Baltimore Community Foundation
  • Brandy Davis, Investor Program Director, Confluence Philanthropy
  • Sonja Velez, CFO, The San Francisco Foundation

2:00 - 3:00 PM   |  Membership Meeting (Members Only)

Join Confluence Philanthropy’s Board to hear about the year ahead, ask questions, and share your ideas. Special announcements about the successes of our programs over the past year, changes in programming, and ways that you can get involved will be made.

3:00 – 5:00 PM  |  Post Conference Events (Working Groups & Meetings)

Climate Solutions Collaborative Meeting

Organized by Confluence Philanthropy, CREO Syndicate and Biodiversity Funders Group

While the economics clearly point to gathering momentum for the clean energy transition, barriers remain achieving the scale and pace needed to solve climate change.  Philanthropic and family office investors must figure out how to overcome institutional hurdles, political barriers and poorly understood risks to achieve maximum environmental and financial impact. Join members of the Climate Solutions Collaborative (C2C) working group to explore next-level strategies for advancing climate solutions through your investment activities.  We will hear insights about the latest policy developments in the climate space and explore ways for investors to engage.  The group will have deep discussion about how to mobilize and scale investments in climate solutions.  Participants are encouraged to share their successes and challenges with the group to facilitate better transparency and collaboration.

  • Aimée Christensen, Manager, Christensen Family Office and Climate Solutions Collaborative Steering Committee Member (moderator)
  • Jason Anderson, Director, International Engagement, Strategic Communications, the Non-CO2 Portfolio, ClimateWorks Foundation
  • Aimee Barnes, Senior Advisor to the Governor, Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.
  • Paige Brown, Program Director, Climate and Energy Funders Group
  • Matan Friedman, Chief Investment Officer & Co-Founder, Generate Capital
  • David Hochschild, Environmental Commissioner, CA Energy Commission
  • Dana Lanza, CEO, Confluence Philanthropy
  • Joseph Sciortino, Executive Director, Schmidt Family Foundation

Gender Lens Investing Meeting

Please join Suzanne Biegel, Ruth Shaber and others working on gender lens investing to explore next-level strategies for advancing solutions in this arena.  Topics will include strategies for public investments, how we are mapping financial systems, as well as discussions about how collaboratives are working to enable collective action in women’s health and other social issue areas.  Participants are encouraged to share their successes and challenges with the group to facilitate better collaboration and problem solving.

  • Suzanne Biegel, Catalyst-at-Large
  • Ruth Shaber, President, Tara Health Foundation

Investor Alliance for Human Rights Meeting

Hosted by The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)

The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) is convening the Investor Alliance for Human Rights to provide a collective action platform that will consolidate and amplify investor influence on a full spectrum of human rights and labor rights issues.  Given the current threats to human rights domestically and globally, coordinated action is urgently needed to continue to press companies—both leaders and laggards— to address human rights risks, and to prevent policy and regulatory rollbacks that would forestall progress on business and human rights. The new network builds on longstanding ICCR member efforts on human rights to expand investor participation, provide more strategic focus, and maximize the collective impact of the investment community on business and human rights issues.  This session is for all investors who may be interested in participating with in the Alliance.  Investors involved in establishing the network will discuss the goals of the Alliance, and we will hold an open forum for discussion and brainstorming on strategies to leverage the investor voice on key human rights issues.

Led by:

  • Josh Zinner, CEO, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (moderator)
  • Lisa Hayles, Vice President, Institutional Investment Services, Boston Common Asset Management
  • Kilian Moote, Project Director, KnowTheChain, Humanity United
  • Tim Smith, Director of ESG Shareowner Engagement, Walden Asset Management


Open Networking Time Over Refreshments - until 5pm