TUESDAY, MARCH 13TH (Pre-Conference)

7:30 - 8:30 AM  |  Breakfast & Registration

9:00 AM-12:00 PM | Practitioners Institute - Investing in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
Open to Confluence Practitioner Member Delegates Only

  • Welcome Remarks

  • Keynote

  • DEI Plenary Discussion

9:00 AM-12:00 PM | Learners Institute
Open to all Pre-Conference Delegates

9AM | Selecting an Advisor
Organized with the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

Using recent reports about the process of selecting an Investment Advisor, this Learner’s Institute will unpack our recommendations, and ways to manage, collaborate, and monitor investments through a social justice lens. We will explore questions such as: What does social justice investing look like now and in the future? How can the practices and culture of advisors and fund managers embody the values and mission of social justice and equality? What shifts need to be made internally for a stronger race and gender analysis in terms of leadership, investment managers, and vehicles. How do we collaborate with grantees to identify to foster future opportunities?

10:00 AM | Concurrent Sessions (Choose One)
Open to all Pre-Conference Delegates

10:00 AM | Ins and Outs of Carve Outs (Approaches to Mission Investing)
Organized with Cornerstone Capital Group

Carve outs are increasingly popular as a way for mission investors to explore new practices. While a gradual, educational and incremental strategy is often advisable, investors must also consider a methodical approach to ensure that investments are meaningful in terms of outcomes and measurable performance. This session will explore the considerations in choosing a carve-out strategy through the eyes of experience.

10:00 AM | Divest or Engage: From Fossil Fuels to Gun Stocks

When an industry or specific company does not align with an investor's values they have two options: divest or engage. In this session we will discuss what an investor can achieve through either of these two strategies and why and how some choose to implement both divestment and engagement to drive change.

11:00 AM | Concurrent Sessions (Choose One)
Open to all Pre-Conference Delegates

11:00 AM | DAFs: Maximizing the Impact of Donor Advised Funds
Organized with Tides and Amalgamated Bank

The Donor Advised Fund market is now equivalent in size to the Venture Capital market creating both great potential opportunity as well as growing concerns regarding transparency and impact. This session will cover ways to deepen ESG focus within the DAF market, and to offer provocative and practical examples and models about where this field can go as it continues to evolves. As the DAF market continues to swell as an overall portion of the philanthropic landscape, let’s strategize the associated opportunities and risks.

11:00 AM | Loan Guarantors: Catalytic and Collaborative Uses
Organized with MCE Social Capital

Loan guarantees are an underutilized tool in the investor’s toolkit. Panelists representing both big and small foundations will discuss examples of the catalytic use of loan guarantees to unlock private capital and how they have collaborated with other foundations in a guarantee "pool" to support strong performing outcomes both domestically and globally.

12:00 - 4:00 PM | Local Field Trips & Off-Site Sessions (Choose One)

1) Field Trip: Climate Disaster Response and Resilience

2) Field Trip: Green Infrastructure

3) Field Trip: Affordable Housing

4) Field Trip: Food Systems

5) Field Trip: Art and Culture

Main Conference

6:00 - 7:00PM | Opening Reception
Registered Delegates Only

7:00 - 9:30PM | Opening Dinner
Registered Delegates Only