TUESDAY, MARCH 13TH (pre conference)

7:30 - 8:30 AM  |  Breakfast & Registration

8:00 - 8:30 AM  |  Morning Meditation with Konda Mason

Practitioner Institute 9AM-12PM
Open to Confluence Practitioner Members Only

Workers and the Future of Work

The nature of work is quickly evolving due to advances in technology and shifts in social priorities. What are the opportunities for investors to meaningfully impact workforce training, job quality, and workers' equality across the supply chain? How will artificial intelligence and data platforms change our assessments and planning decisions about environmental management? Ultimately, where does a growing workforce fit into a rapidly developing, technologically-driven world? Join our panel of innovative thinkers and industry experts in conversation about how investors and grantmakers can affect the Future of Work.

8:45 - 9:00 AM | Welcome Remarks

  • Morgan Simon, Managing Director, Candide Group

9:00 – 9:45 AM  |  Keynote

  • Ai-jen Poo, Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Ford Foundation Trustee, and MacArthur Prize Winner

9:45 – 10:45 AM  |  The Future of AI and  Work

Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence is already a part of our daily lives through the growing use of smart technologies. Make no mistake, AI is already colonizing communities across the Earth. Over the next few years our partnerships with artificial intelligence will become more and more apparent. We will increasingly find ourselves consulting and communicating with data platforms to tap aggregating networks, enhance planning, and inform critical decisions. In this session we will explore how AI will be used across a variety of investment themes to change the ways that all types of workers work.


  • Kate Starr, Chief Investment Officer, Flat World Partners (moderator)
  • Marina Gorbis, Executive Director, Institute for the Future
  • Arjan Schütte, Founder and Managing Partner, Core Innovation Capital

10:45 – 11:00 AM  |  Break

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM  |  Investing in an Equitable Workforce

The typical career trajectory has already changed from a lifetime under one or two employers, to shorter-term or temporary work, or to independence through the gig economy. Changes in corporate employment practices, a deficit in skill or meaningful employment, and attitudinal changes are prevailing factors that determine the ways individuals access work. In this session we will explore a variety of solution-based investor approaches that are promoting quality jobs across the supply chain, fostering workplace transparency, and enhancing the meaning of work.


  • Carmen Rojas, CEO, The WorkersLab (moderator)
  • Victoria Fram, Managing Director, VilCap Investments, Village Capital
  • Jamie Merisotis, CEO, Lumina Foundation
  • Alison Omens, Managing Director, Programs and Strategic Engagement, JUST Capital
  • Chemain Sanan, Partner, Humanity United

Learners Institute 9AM-12PM
Open to all Pre-Conference Attendees

9:00AM  |  Moving Your Family Foundation Forward: From Consensus to Implementation

Family foundations are a critical part of the philanthropic ecosystem and have growing interest in mission related investing. Join us for a conversation about how members of family foundations engage key stakeholders and navigate the investing journey from initial interest to implementation. Join us to learn from the experience of 3 family foundation fiduciaries who are in various stages of activating their portfolio for impact.

Organized with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors


  • Patrick Briaud, Philanthropic Advisor, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (moderator)
  • Meredith Heimburger, Board Member & Finance Committee Member, Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
  • Jennifer Kenning, Co-Founder and CEO, Align Impact
  • Rebekah Saul Butler, Co-Executive Director, Grove Foundation
  • Diana Trump, Trustee, Penney Family Fund and Confluence Philanthropy Board of Directors

10:00 AM | Concurrent Sessions (Choose One)

Climate Risk 101

Organized with Mercer and Perella Weinberg Partners

Investing in the rapidly advancing clean energy economy is not always as simple as it sounds. Growing numbers of investors are taking capital out of fossil fuels and carbon intensive assets and are looking for opportunities to invest in climate solutions. Along the way some foundations and family offices have found themselves stuck and unable to move forward. Others have made progress and wish to do more. This session will seek to empower those at the beginning of their climate investing journey to understand climate risk, learn the tools to engage their peers and investment partners, and craft a strategy to break through barriers and accelerate investment.


  • Jameela Pedicini, Executive Director, Asset Management, Perella Weinberg Partners and OCIO to The Rockefeller Brothers Fund (moderator)
  • Alex Bernhardt, US Responsible Investment (RI) Leader, Mercer
  • Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Director, Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • John Goldstein, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs


Transforming Investment Practice

Organized with Athena Capital Advisors

Experimentation with mission related investing has evolved to the point where a variety of approaches have emerged.  Some investors are pushing to align their entire portfolios with their values and/or social change objectives.  Others are feathering compelling impact opportunities, where feasible, into otherwise conventional investment portfolios.  Still others have embraced the ‘carve-out’ approach, and use a separate portfolio for mission related investments to pursue a more focused impact strategy.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches?   Which approaches hold the most promise for accelerating the pace of change within a social change agenda?


  • Kate Huntington, Managing Director, Athena Capital (moderator)
  • Timothy Freundlich, President, Impact Assets 
  • Paul Solli, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Aperio Group
  • Julia Sze, Founder, Julia Sze Consulting

11:00 AM | Concurrent Sessions (Choose One)

Unleash Your Portfolio Through 100% Portfolio Activation

Full portfolio activation is a realistic and increasingly popular goal for mission related investors. In this session we will hear from leading industry managers about how they put the full weight of their clients’ assets to work for impact across asset classes. They will share conceptual frameworks, as well as their comparative and contrasting views around approaches. This promises to be a lively, informative, and inspiring session for those eager to hear about how far they can go with impact.

  • Allison Duncan, Founder and CEO, Amplifier Strategies (moderator)
  • Jed Emerson, Chief Impact Strategist, Impact Assets
  • Erika Karp, Founder and CEO, Cornerstone Capital Group


Collaborating with CDFIs: A Win-Win Solution for Local Investing

Organized with New Hampshire Community Loan Fund and CEI

As the mission related investing movement has grown, so has the excitement about investing with a place-based perspective. By nature, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) can be the most effective intermediaries for private investment and related development services to underserved populations in economically distressed areas reaching people for whom the economy is not working. This session will provide an overview of the genesis and purpose of CDFIs and case studies from both the borrower and investor’s perspectives.


  • Keith Bisson, President, Coastal Enterprises Inc (moderator)
  • Michael Barber, Executive Director, Alaska Conservation Foundation
  • John Hamilton, Vice President of Economic Opportunity, New Hampshire Community Loan Fund
  • Purvi Patel, Special Projects Manager, Executive Staff, Self-Help Federal Credit Union

Field trips 12-4PM

12:00 PM |  Board Buses for Field Trips

12:20 - 4:00 PM  |  Field Trips & Off-Site Sessions (Choose One)

1) Disrupting Displacement: Affordable Housing in the Bay Area

Organized by The Caprock Group and San Francisco Foundation

Steeply rising housing costs in the Bay Area are putting historic pressure on low-income residents to relocate from their communities. More than 60% of low-income households in the region are experiencing or at risk of displacement. How can impact investors promote development without displacement? Join us for an interactive affordable housing tour and learn how both non-profit and for-profit housing developers are using blended capital models to develop housing for low-income residents. The tour will include stops at three innovative affordable housing projects in Oakland – Tassafaronga Village, California Hotel and Fruitvale Village.


  • Ener Chiu, Associate Director of Real Estate Development, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
  • Nick Flores, Director of Impact Investing, The CAPROCK Group
  • Christina Garkovich, Chief Development Officer, Project Access Resource Center
  • Zach McRae, Program Associate, The San Francisco Foundation
  • Erin Patch, Chief Operating Officer, The Unity Council
  • Isela Rosales, CAIA, Managing Director, Bridge Investment Group
  • Annabelle Sibthorpe, Resident Services Manager, Project Access Resource Center

2) Exploring Oakland’s Cultural Hubs: Art, Tech and Entrepreneurship

Organized with Kapor Center for Social Impact and Beneficial State Foundation

Join us for a walking tour of downtown Oakland and explore the city’s vibrant cultural scene. Tour dynamic community hubs that are driving social change in the region. Learn about how local leaders are promoting an equitable tech ecosystem, see social entrepreneurship at work and experience Oakland’s flourishing art scene. Stops on this engaging walking tour include Kapor Center for Social Impact, Impact Hub Oakland, Oakstop and Beneficial State Foundation.

  • Cedric Brown, Chief of Community Engagement, Kapor Center for Social Impact
  • David Jackson, Interim CEO, Impact Hub Oakland
  • Trevor Parham, Founder and Director, Oakstop
  • Kat Taylor, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Beneficial State Bank

3) Clean Energy Bike Tour


Organized with California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF)

Danny Kennedy will lead a group exploration of Oakland to visit the convergence of mobility and electricity services globally, which are being disrupted by low cost renewables and new business models. Featuring a ride on Go Bikes, the tour will include stops at the CALCEF Offices, Powerhouse, and Get in And Go Car Share, concluding with a reception at Mosaic to hear CEO Billy Parish share his views on the next phase of renewable energy innovation. The group will stop at Blue Bottle coffee in Jack London Square to refuel along the way.


  • Danny Kennedy, Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF)
  • Emily Kirsch, Founder & CEO, Powerhouse
  • Billy Parish, CEO, Mosaic
  • The GIG Car, GIG Car Share 

3) State of Emergency: Addressing the Homelessness Crisis in Oakland

Organized with California Wellness Foundation and The California Endowment

In major cities across the country the homelessness population is on the rise, leading local governments to declare states of emergency. The problem is especially acute in West Coast cities with booming regional economies and surges in the number of people living on the streets. Cities like Oakland, where the homeless population has jumped 25% in two years, are strategizing how to humanely solve the homelessness crisis. Join us for a discussion about investing in the built environment as a place-based solution to ending homelessness, with a focus on transitional age foster youth and formerly incarcerated people. The tour will take participants to visit leading homelessness advocates, an innovative architecture and real estate development firm, and a local black church with plans to use their land to address the crisis.


  • Sonja Fitz, Director of Development and Marketing, Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency
  • Kyle Rawlins, Co-Founder and Development Director, Designing Justice + Designing Spaces
  • Pastors Maria and Brondon Reems, Center of Hope Community Church
  • Deanna Van Buren, Founder and Design Director, Designing Justice + Designing Spaces


4) East Bay Tech Innovation Tour

Organized with DBL Partners, California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF), and Ecosystem Integrity Fund


Join us to explore cleantech growth and innovation in the East Bay.  Participants will head up the hill to Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL) to see the latest thinking and research in cleantech, including a look at LBNL’s FlexLab, the first facility in the world that can evaluate the energy efficiency of major building systems under real-world conditions. We will then take a trip to Richmond, a burgeoning innovation hub, for a reception at SunPower, featuring a tour of their historic building on the waterfront, an anchor of the Richmond innovation community.


  • Geoffrey Eisenberg, Principal, The Ecosystem Integrity Fund
  • Lisa Hagerman, Director of Programs, DBL Partners
  • Tom Starrs, Vice President, Market Strategy and Policy, SunPower
  • Alicia Yeh, Executive Director for Biosciences, Berkeley Lab Foundation, Berkeley National Labs 

Main Conference

6:00 – 7:00 PM |  Opening Reception on the Lawn

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7:00 – 9:30 PM |  Opening Dinner (on site)

All Guests Registered for the Conference Welcome

Welcome: Lisa Renstrom, Trustee, Bonwood Foundation and Board Chair, Confluence Philanthropy